Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Fest

Once a year there's a lovely little get together of like-minded individuals in a quiet town in Florida called Gainesville. When we all get there we drink a lot, stay up late, watch awesome bands, party and just generally have a whole bunch of fun in the autumnal sun. Here's some of said awesome bands:

I have to admit that prior to them being announced as one of the headliners I'd not heard of The Suicide Machines. I don't think that's entirely unreasonable as they broke up several years ago before I knew what was good for me music-wise. But I downlaoded (Legally thank you very much) 'A Match And Some Gasoline' and liked what I heard so I went to go see them on the Friday night. Unfortunately, despite all the videos of their set on youtube there are none in which you can see me jumping about in my raving goggles.

Despite Buddy having flown back from being in Japan with LTJ the day before or something and Jake not long out of surgery Coffee Project still managed to put on a show which shows some level of dedication to Fest to which I think every person in the CMC showed their appreciation by singing along to every song. Note I decided to turn down my singing for this song as I know full well I can't sing and didn't want to ruin the video. I kind of wish I'd done the entire set though, it was awesome singalong fun times.

In the blue corner representing Great Britain is The Arteries. Not only did they rock 1982 pretty hard but they, and half the audience, donned Peter Criss style make-up for the set. I admit I was pretty disappointed when they said they were going to do a KISS cover but didn't.

And if you're interested, the rest of the videos I took are here:

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