Saturday, 16 October 2010

UK Pre-Fest 9 Weekend 8th-10th October

In a way it was last year's Pre-Fest show in Dorking that paved the way for all you see before you as it's where I met a bunch of UK Fest-goers and started going to all the shows I record videos at. This year, it's pretty safe to say, didn't live up to the same standards unfortunately. Not helped by the fact that Pacer pulled out of the Friday show and the multitude of other things that seemed to be going on it wasn't the best turned out event on either day and was certainly lacking the party atmosphere of the previous year. On the other hand there was an absolutely packed show at the Windmill in Brixton on Saturday night (which is why the Pre-Fest wasn't that day as it was last year) for Lloyd and Helen Chambers' birthdays. RVIVR headlining with some of the best UK bands in support. I'd have videos of the Bangers set usually but was too busy jumping about and to be honest it was so busy that night I doubt that someone of my towering 5ft 5 stature could have captured much. I also wish I'd gotten something from 1 of 2 Caves sets I saw; struggled to see much on Saturday but they rocked hard on Sunday evening. It sucks they're clashing with Calvinball at Fest as otherwise I'd definitely be watching their set. What I do have is a new song from Porches from the Sunday show at the Lincoln Arms in Dorking, check it out y'all.

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