Friday, 28 January 2011

Oh yeah, I have this thing where I post stuff don't I!

It's been a little while.

It took my girlfriend asking me what the address to this was for me to remember about it. I hadn't actually completely forgotten about this but every time I try to write a review I get a paragraph in and decide I hate what I've written and I've not really filmed many bands of late so I didn't have anything to post really. But that all changes now!

Firstly I have a project with a friend that will be getting done and put up here, as well as on their blog-thingy, in March so I decided I should actually post more stuff, link the page around and get some viewers so that when said project is done there might be some people who'll actually see it. And no, there's no real reason why I should be so 'super-secretive' about it and reveal no details, it will consequently be a massive let-down now.

Secondly I actually went to a show and filmed a band! Hurrah! They're called Slow Science (that's a link to their facebook page) and they're pretty great. Unfortunately, if you do like them and wanted to check out a show of theirs, you can't as guitarist and singer Jon has buggered off to 'find himself' for a few months. They plan to be back though and they really are a good band. I was going to post someone else's video because I was too close for my phone to handle so there's a bit of distortion going on but I think it's still listen-to-able.

I'm planning to write a review right after I get done with this...there is every chance it will not happen.

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